Educational Technology Blog by Joy Inouye

As someone who is admittedly technologically challenged, I definitely do not follow any technology blogs; therefore, I began my search by looking at the sites suggested on PathBrite.  In looking at the sites, I selected EdSurge to conduct my review on because of the user-friendly way in which the site appeared.  EdSurge Inc. is an educational technology company that publishes newsletters and operates databases used by venture capitalists, teachers, school administrators and others.  The company was founded by Elizabeth Corcoran in 2011.  Corcoran is a former executive editor of Forbes and a former technology reporter for The Washington Post. 

EdSurge offers a free subscription to a weekly email that highlights the latest technology tools, tips and best practices from and for educators.  Each Thursday, an email is sent that delivers tips from teachers on how to use tech products to solve real-world problems, profiles that celebrate teacher-technologists, reviews of the latest educational technology products, links to upcoming events and job postings.

As stated above, the reason in which I select this blog was due to the ease of manipulating through the site.  EdSurge begins with a headline article and below are titles of four additional articles for viewing.  Below each of these four headings there is a brief description as to what the article will be about.  Following these links, there are several additional articles.  While this is fairly typical of any website, what I liked most about EdSurge can be found under the heading ‘EdTech Index’.  Within the EdTech Index, users can search for curriculum products, teacher needs (for keeping learning on-track), school operations, and college resources and a tab entitled everything else.  This section lists apps for children, discovery and for parents.  Under the tab titled Curriculum Products, the user can click on such titles as 21st Century Skills, which then provides you with a list of products that develop 21st century skills.  There is a section for technology that develops the arts, engineering, language arts, math, science and social studies.  I was drawn to this list because it presents a brief overview of the suggested app listed under the exact area of curriculum that you may be working on.  The list is an easy reference guide to the latest in educational technology.

While I don’t think that I will be a regular reader of the blog, I did subscribe to the weekly email update.  If something is sent to me and I don’t have to go out searching for information, I am more likely to read it.  Even though I don’t think that I will continue reading this blog, I will certainly use the feature listed in ‘EdTech Index’ if I wish to quickly reference educational technology.             

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