Ed Tech Blog: www.purelypaperless.com

“Purely Paperless” from www.purelypaperless.com is a blog written by Kate Peila, an elementary school teacher from Montana and a self proclaimed “Teacher. Learner. Blogger. Nerd.”  This blog is a must-read for teachers who are looking to be on the cutting edge of technology use in the classroom and would like to challenge their students to be creative with authentic formative and summative assessments. 

The site is very engaging with a simple, easy to navigate, user interface.  She provides examples of “paperless” teaching strategies and easy to implement technology tools for the classroom.  In her most recent post she outlines how to create stop motion animation, using the MyCreate iPad application.  She provides commentary, directions for use and download, as well as YouTube videos of her students using the product.

All of her blog posts are specific, concrete examples of how to implement new technology in the classroom and lessons that can be executed immediately using free, web based tools and tablet applications.  In each post she also defends these authentic assessment ideas and their connections to the Common Core State Standards, which all teachers will need to begin addressing. She also provides many step-by-step screen shots for those that are less tech savvy and need visual cues.

In order to truly benefit and take advantage of Ms. Peila’s blog, teachers must be able to put technology in the hands of their students and have access to computer labs and/or laptop and tablet carts.  The author of the blog is an elementary teacher and therefore many of her examples are geared towards younger grades.  It would take a bit of thinking outside of the box to implement at higher levels, but easily adaptable.

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