Mastery Connect Review


The Good: Mastery Connect is a web based software system which allows teachers to “effectively assess core standards, monitor student performance, and report student mastery to parents and administrators.” This program can be used across many subjects and is available for Title I funding. Mastery Connect allows users to share ideas with learning communities in their district as well as the other 10,000 districts in the network. It permits users to quickly and easily create or access assessments aligned to the Common Core or state standards, store resource pins and retrieve “additional resource tools to help teach and understand the standards. Mastery Connect was designed with Response to Intervention in mind [and] identify[ing] students for tiered interventions has never been easier.” This program provides immediate feedback on assessments to allow teachers to conduct ongoing diagnostics. The free resources available include: Team Data Collaboration Tools & Reporting, Assessment Privacy Controls, Student Reports, Parent Reporting, and Curriculum Maps. (

The Bad: Access to all available features of Mastery Connect requires a subscription to the Premium package for $159 per year or $6 per student per year. Free package does not allow short answer questions, only bubble sheet, and the number of questions are limited. In order to access features of the program that grade assessments instantly, additional technology is required.

The Bottom line: Mastery Connect was created by an educator to assist other educators in creating formative assessments to monitor student progress and to report those findings. This innovative, user friendly program can be a quick and powerful tool when considering the competition of other assessment apps available to teachers.

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