Educational Technology Blog Review

Educational Technology Blog:  by Rajnesh Naicker

            I chose to follow the Edutopia Technology Blog because all the topics are very relevant to what I do in my classroom. The technology integration helps to discover blogs fresh ideas for using technology in the classroom and at home to improve learning and increase student engagement and achievement. It’s great because different teachers and people who deal with technology in education are able to share their own experiences with their new technological tools. Teachers are able to share their rubrics, lesson plans, assessments and the training tools with others. As I read these blogs, it reenergized and excited me for new ideas for my students. I think the real goal of this site is to improve the way in which students learn by sharing ideas. It provides the inspiration and information for what really works in K-12 education. The really cool thing about this blog site is that it is linked to Twitter, You tube, Facebook, P Interest and Google +. Their webinars provides the audience with the opportunities to learn about the latest research, tools and ideas from experts in the field. Technology is the future for education. If we teach our students as we taught them yesterday, we will rob them of tomorrow. I will continue to follow and read the blogs because I have learned a lot reading different blogs. I have learned different practical classroom strategies, tips from real educators as to what really work in the classroom with all these technology around us, different lesson ideas, personal stories and more fun and innovative approaches to improving my teaching practice. I have also introduced this concept of following the blogs to my spouse. She absolutely loves it.  

            Android Apps: Math, ELA and Video Streaming by Monica Burns is a very fascinating read. I would recommend all educators to read this. It discusses the power of google apps. The google play store for Android is full of wonderful apps that can be used to support learning in your classroom. There are also apps in different content areas that can help the students to master skills. No doubts there are apps for every content area and grade level that can be very easily accessed. I really liked the Pic Collage App because it is a wonderful tool for children to create posters and tell their own stories. They can also add texts and pictures. 

            Options Increase as Google enters the education market by Andrew Marcinek was another fabulous blog read. Google’s foray into the educational arena is starting to make sense in the educational context. Google’s Chrome books are getting very popular. Student’s like the ability to take notes on Google drive or Evernote. Other common apps for students are Edmodo, Notability and Explain Everything. Digital Technology should focus on learning goals and outcomes and using the best technology available to reach them. As we enter 2014, it’s safe to say that the costs of devices, like tablets or chrome book are making it easy for schools to provide access to digital learning opportunities for more students.

            All schools should support the development of a student’s technology fluency. This will help prepare them to become digital learners so that they able to construct new tools and objects communicate ideas and solve new problems. Edutopia is a fantastic educational blog site with a potential to train a lot of teachers.

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