Technology Blog Integration Blog

By: Heather Burns

For the past three weeks I have been following the Edutopia Technology Integration blog funded by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. The vision behind this site is to “inspire, inform and accelerate positive change in schools and districts by shining a spotlight on evidence-based strategies and best practices that improve learning and engagement for students; collaborating with researchers, teacher leaders and curriculum experts to advance the field and increase understanding of how strategies, such as project-based learning, can improve student learning” (

The Good: This website provides many different topics in education along with different grade level ranges, and also position focused.  I appreciated how the user has to option of selecting grade level range to find information pertinent to what they are doing in their classroom.  I also appreciated there are blogs for not only teachers, but also teacher leaders, administrators and parents.  I feel like this blog offers information for most school constituents, which is important since we all share the role in educating children.

In regards to the integration technology component of this blog, each of the authors mainly included information that teachers or administrators can read about  the new trend of integrating devices into classroom learning.  In reading the blogs I felt they addressed common fears and problems teachers face when thinking about integrating technology into the curriculum, and how those fears and problems can be overcome.  Many blogs also share the benefits of technology, and provide information and ideas about how devices can be integrated into current practices and curriculum.

The Bad: The Technology Integration blog authors contribute about once a week.

The Bottom Line: The Edutopia-Technology Integration blog is worth reading.  I find that the authors address misconceptions about technology, and have a positive outlook on why integration is not only important, but also how it will help students AND teachers over time.

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