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by Anna Perales

Overview – blog

Over the past few weeks I reviewed the education blog  The GettingSmart blog is part of a larger business which focuses on the “shift to personal digital learning and its potential role in student achievement in the developed world and access to quality education in emerging economies” (  In addition to the GettingSmart blog the company also offers consulting services, publications and speaking engagements.  The GettingSmart blog is a collection of articles describing and reviewing, and encouraging discourse developments in research, educational technology, educational entrepreneurs and educational methods.  Its intended audience is education leaders, education policy makers, K-12 and higher ed. educators, administrators, education technology organizations and education associations.  The articles on the GettingSmart blog look at the 21st century world and how our teachers can most effectively teach and students can learn.


Website layout is user friendly and intuitive.  The articles are easy to find and were all fairly concise with links for more information (good for readers short on time).  Very convenient and easy to filter searches by author or blog series.  There are a good number of articles to read on a daily basis on this blog on a variety of topics in education.  Ability to share articles on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest) is convenient.


Not all of the articles had content related to technology in education.  Would have been nice to be able to filter searches by date and/or keywords although the search bar in the top right corner of the website allows for a general search.  “Featured Articles” window is a nice touch, but cycles through the articles too quickly.  By the time the user has read the name of the article and the brief description the slide has changed to the next article.

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