Simple K12 Teacher Learning Community Blog


What is Simple K12 Teacher Learning Community blog? is an educational technology blog that offers a variety of alternatives to educators and administrators. Membership access fluctuates from free to couple of hundreds of dollars.  I only sign up for the free access, and I was able to navigate the site. I watched the tutorial on how to use this blog and it was clear and easy to understand. The catalog section provides access to several courses regarding a variety of educational topics. The majority of these courses have a fee that can go up to couple of hundreds of dollars. This blog also counts with webinars. They can be accessed when you purchase a full membership which is $357, but they also offer couple of the webinars for free. This site allows you to locate shared resources for most subjects which are mostly free. In the forum section, everyone who has signed up for this blog can express their ideas and opinions. The posts are current, done within the last hours. As you navigate this site and do different activities such watching tutorials, posting comments, you earn bunny bucks that can be redeemed for site’s merchandise like t-shirts, hats, slippers, etc. One more thing that is available is site licensing for schools and districts. Price for this is provided upon request.



This blog offers a variety of free access opportunities. Its content is versatile and updated constantly. Every time I visited it, I noticed that several postings were uploaded in the last hours. Its navigation is friendly and easy to follow. The introduction tutorial was definitely a plus for someone like me who hasn’t had much experience with blogs. I also appreciated the resources topics. Most of them were technology based. What I also liked was the fact that you don’t have to have a paid membership to participate in the forum. Overall, I think this is a useful site that I will continue using to enhance my teaching skills.



The only thing I didn’t like about it was the expensive full access membership. I’m pretty sure it is worthy, but $357 a year is a lot for a teacher. The blog licensing is offered to schools and districts. They didn’t disclose the cost of the licensing but it is something I will suggest to my principal.

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