Worth the Hype or Not?

Is Technology Worth the Hype or Not?

The logical answer to this question is yes! Technology in education can help and engage students in new and more interesting ways. It is also fair to mention that even though technology is an asset to education, it can also create other concerns about the raising of young scholars. Technology is everywhere at the touch of our finger tips. Weather we like it or not, technology is not going anywhere and we just have to keep up with it.

Technology is evolving by the minute, and we are in urgent need to readjust our education system which unfortunately is behind the times. Educational infrastructure and curriculum must be updated to address the needs our students will face as they leave our classrooms. It is our duty to prepare students for the world of technology and to be successful in their academic endeavors.

After reviewing blogs, researching technological resources, attending hangouts, I feel I gain a deeper knowledge about some of the uses of technology. I thought I was knowledgeable about technology but I have no idea how technology has evolved in the last years. I certainly believe technology has a lot to offer to students, teachers, and parents. It provides all parties involved with tools that can help each of them to be connected to the world of today.

As a word of caution, the use of technology has to be monitored closely. Students should not spend extended amounts of time in front of a device. We need to make sure they do not isolate themselves because they are extremely engaged in the use of technology. We also need to make students aware of the cyber danger when technology is misused.

The benefits a student can receive from the use of technology are endless. As technology continues to evolve, so do its uses. I think technology is like anything else in the world, it has a positive and a negative side. Since technology is an inevitable reality, it is imperative that we teach our students to use it appropriately to their educational advantage. We, as educators, have the responsibility to create a balanced environment in our classrooms where we foster the use of technology as a way to motivate students and also pay attention to the social-emotional development of our students.

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