Cycles of Learning

Educational Technology Blog Review

by Martha Lopez

What is “Cycles of Learning”?

“Cycles of Learning” blog was created by Ramsay Musallam’s. Musallam is a  teacher who uses technology with his students, colleagues, parents, administration and educational technology community. His blog “Cycles of Learning” has a wealth of instructional technology posts and inspirational practices on many creative processes that he uses to teach pedagogical strategies.  His blog depicts a forward-thinking culture where he explores many different instructional tools to enhance student learning.  Musallam gathers new technology developments from many teachers in the field who are well-known and recognized.  The blog posts several innovative ways to integrate technology in the classroom using all types of media and for many grade levels.


Musallam focuses on high school students who have smart phones and encourages students to use them regularly to spark higher thinking.  He constantly challenges them to prove theories with digital tools against traditional educational methods and encourages his students to use video, web tools, digital collaboration, and instructional applications.  He also provides screencasts, podcasts, and tutorials produced from his students to show the power of learning in real-time.  The myriad of ideas for digital learning is what keeps me coming back to his blog.


The only negatives I could identify is that many teachers have not had the opportunity to own devices to integrate the technology into their classrooms.  Technology and tech readiness plans are in their infancy in most districts, and the recommendations that are posted on this blog serves best to districts that are already 1:1 or have adapted BYOD.

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